So I have another look for you today, I really wanted to use some of the more unique colours in my collection, and as I never use greens, I figured. Hey why not?? Not only that, but I wanted to use 2 of the shades from the Anti-Vday collection.

I used Fallen Angel and is described as a pale peach with an orange sheen, orange sparkle and a darkened grey undertone. They show up best when you pat them over your primer/base rather than swiping. I found this colour to be more yellow/gold ten peach to be honest. Its still a super pretty colour just not what it is described as.

Next I used Side Boob and is described as a swampy green with an orange sheen and a holographic pink sparkle. I found this colour to be a more forest green with a hint of mint in it. There is sparkle but I didn’t really see any orange sheen when I blended it out on my lids.

I have attached some pictures of the shades right here.

Fallen Angel on top

collage4Side boob down below



And now for the mug shots 😛

wpid-wp-1426087557173.jpeg wpid-wp-1426087552314.jpeg


Have a good night everyone!!!




FOTD!! GDE look

So today is another work day! And I have decided that on the days that I actually have/want to do makeup on my face that I might as well take some picture!! This way I’ll actually get in some blogging time while getting ready for work LOL!! I mean why not right? Might as well do something that I love while getting ready to do something I love!! So for this look I decided to use GDE not to be truffled with which was the FEB OTM, that I know I said I was going to post about but life just got in the way.

So list of products I used in order to achieve this look

Not to be Truffled with (FEB OTM LE) in the crease and on the lower half of the lash line

Pinch of Pixie used dry on the lid and then You’re Welcome used with glitter fix, and then pinch of pixie again over the top of you’re welcome

Flawless as a highlight

Start a Rumor as a blush

And dandelion highlighter as a highlight on the face.

Also used for foundation was as always Elizabeth Arden Cream Ceremide makeup in Vanilla Shell

Anastasia brow wiz in Dark Brown

Black gel liner by Maybeline

Lashes are Smashbox full exposure mascara in Jet Black

This look was really fun to create. Usually at the end of the year Vee sometimes opens up being able to get the previous OTM’s if you didn’t snag one before. I literally lucked right out and managed to snag a 12 month slot!!



IMG_1913 IMG_1916

EatSleepPolish “April Showers, Bring May Flowers” SPRING COLLECTION REVIEW!!

“April Showers, Bring May Flowers” SPRING COLLECTION AVAILABLE NOW!

Hi there!! So this past week I received a lovely box in the mail! And in that box was the remaining spring collection (in mini’s) from Eat Sleep Polish!!! (I already had 2 of these beautiful polishes as a gift) Now what better thing for me to do this weekend but play with polish and grab swatches of EVERYTHING!! Woot!! I’m super excited. Now for the descriptions I’m going to give you what Caterina gave me in an email in bold and then my description of these polishes will be in regular text. On to these AMAZING polishes! PICTURE HEAVY!!


Sidewalk strider (Speckled Grey)
Grasshoppa (Green spinkles)
each 3 coats

  • Grasshoppa ( From the email from Eat Sleep Polish)

A light and airy green jelly filled with micro flakes, shimmer, pink & white glitter of various shapes and sizes. This is semi-sheer but can be layered, or worn over a base in a similar colour. Topcoat recommended to achieve a smooth finish. The inspiration behind this polish is itty bitty baby grasshoppers that start showing up in the fresh baby grass .

My Review of Grasshoppa. This polish reminds me directly of the grass in Manitoba. Which is strange. But really it does. It reminds me of when my kids go hunting for easter eggs and their baskets are filled with that fake green grass, and you get to see the little sprinkles of different colours in there. Its truly a beautiful polish. Now I didn’t do a whole mani of this polish because I just couldn’t bear to take off my favorite one Sidewalk Strider.. Which is featured in the same picture. I achieved full opaqueness in 2 thin coats.

  • Sidewalk Strider (From the email from Eat Sleep Polish)

A funky cement looking polish. 2-3 coats recommended. This grey based polish is jam packed with black, white, pink & glitter and scattered with tiny blue sparkles. A delicate amount of holographic particles make this a unique and fun polish to wear. The inspiration behind this polish is going for walks in the early days of spring, where bits and pieces of winter ‘junk’ can be seen hiding in the melting snow.

My Review of Sidewalk Strider. This polish is sheer perfection. Think speckled quail egg. I love it. I cannot get enough of it, and I’m so freaking happy that I have a full sized bottle of this baby. This polish has turned into one of my favorites, and seems to be a go to for me. It’s just jam packed with different glitters that gives it so much depth and dimension, its simply breath taking. I seriously love it. In the next picture you will see a close up of both polishes.


Sidewalk Strider (speckled grey)
Grasshoppa (speckled green)
each 3 coats

Up next we have Endless sky, Perfect Storm and Raspberry Mud Pie. Again the email descriptions will be in bold, where as my reviews (and they will be stated that they are mine) are in regular text.


Endless Sky (with flash)
2 thin coats

  • Endless Sky

A shimmery blue with a delicate violet undertone and a splash of scattered holo,  2-3 coats recommended. What would an ending winter be without a beautiful blue cloud free sky? This polish helps us to embrace the days to come where the sky is pure and endless.

My Review of Endless Sky. This polish is very very beautiful in the bottle. And its very beautiful on nails. I’m just having an issue with it on my nails. It to me doesn’t seem to be right for my skin tone .  Well that’s not exactly right. It is good for my skin tone, it’s just not a colour that I would grab for on a regular bases. This polish it does remind me of an endless sky, there there is no clouds in sight. If I was to look outside during the coldest day of the winter here in Manitoba I would see that colour sky, and I would know to not go outside (brrr)


Perfect Storm (No flash)
2 thin coats

  • Perfect Storm

A shimmery olive toned polish with a splash of scattered holo as well. 2-3 coats recommended. Spring is not spring without storms, and as the saying goes April Showers, Bring May Flowers 😉 This polish represents the calmness and serenity that even a storm can bring.

My Review of Perfect storm. This was another one of my favorites out of the collection. This one lasted on my fingers for a full 2 days (shocking I know!) It has that perfect amount of green to it to just make it sparkle and shine. Kind of reminds me of a foil. The only downfall to this polish though was that it stained my nails. Not badly, but they were stained none the less. Is that going to stop me from wearing this beautiful polish again. Oh hell no, that baby needs some love!!


Raspberry Mud Pie (flash)
2 thin coats

  • Raspberry Mud Pie

A cocoa coloured polish filled within beautiful raspberry shimmer, that truly glows from within. 2-3 coats recommended. This polish was actually named by a the wonderful blogger Courtney over at . The name is perfect as this is exactly how I envision this polish! Lets face it spring is muddy. However with soil and dirt come plants & flowers. There is always good to be found if you look hard enough 😉

My Review of Raspberry Mud Pie. This polish is just stunning. Seriously stunning. It’s a chocolate brown that just shimmers and shines with little red flecks and glitters in it. Its the perfect colour for my skin tone and has quickly won the second favorite of the bunch. When looking at this polish I actually get hungry. I imagine chocolate covered raspberries and just pop them into my mouth. Now if I did that with this polish I would probably die, so I will have to be content with it just being on my finger nails. HEHE

You can BUY Eat Sleep Polish ——->HERE!<——-

Eat Sleep Polish Facebook Page ——->HERE!<——-


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Enchanted Nail Polish Castle on a Cloud and OPI Ink


My wonderful Sunday afternoon

Isn’t this the most beautiful combination ever? I love enchanted polish, I love the way it looks, I love the way it goes on. I love the fact that different lighting shows different things in it. What I don’t love about it… The price tag. If you can’t get one of these babies off of a restock (that usually sells out in seconds). Your looking at going on one of the swap shops or going through eBay to pick up some of these babies, and that can be sooo expensive.. like upwards of $35 a bottle. I have seen some Enchanted Polish (the LE’s) go for must more then that though. Is it worth the headache in trying to get some of these.. to me YES! YES YES YES YES YES! SOOO WORTH THE HEADACHE!!! WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!

I have been extremely fortunate to know some amazing beautiful women that have help supply my addiction by selling me some of these beautiful polishes for retail cost (which is so unheard of in the nail polish world). And today because I happen to be Canadian, I got to hit up Nail Polish Canada and grabbed 6 (that’s right count them) six bottles of enchanted polish! I’M SO EXCITED!! Alright on to some pictures.. My “undies” today is OPI INK. Beautiful stunning colour.. hate the way it went on.

with flash (sort of)

with flash (sort of)

No Flash

No Flash


Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company.
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