So I have another look for you today, I really wanted to use some of the more unique colours in my collection, and as I never use greens, I figured. Hey why not?? Not only that, but I wanted to use 2 of the shades from the Anti-Vday collection.

I used Fallen Angel and is described as a pale peach with an orange sheen, orange sparkle and a darkened grey undertone. They show up best when you pat them over your primer/base rather than swiping. I found this colour to be more yellow/gold ten peach to be honest. Its still a super pretty colour just not what it is described as.

Next I used Side Boob and is described as a swampy green with an orange sheen and a holographic pink sparkle. I found this colour to be a more forest green with a hint of mint in it. There is sparkle but I didn’t really see any orange sheen when I blended it out on my lids.

I have attached some pictures of the shades right here.

Fallen Angel on top

collage4Side boob down below



And now for the mug shots 😛

wpid-wp-1426087557173.jpeg wpid-wp-1426087552314.jpeg


Have a good night everyone!!!




FOTD!! GDE look

So today is another work day! And I have decided that on the days that I actually have/want to do makeup on my face that I might as well take some picture!! This way I’ll actually get in some blogging time while getting ready for work LOL!! I mean why not right? Might as well do something that I love while getting ready to do something I love!! So for this look I decided to use GDE not to be truffled with which was the FEB OTM, that I know I said I was going to post about but life just got in the way.

So list of products I used in order to achieve this look

Not to be Truffled with (FEB OTM LE) in the crease and on the lower half of the lash line

Pinch of Pixie used dry on the lid and then You’re Welcome used with glitter fix, and then pinch of pixie again over the top of you’re welcome

Flawless as a highlight

Start a Rumor as a blush

And dandelion highlighter as a highlight on the face.

Also used for foundation was as always Elizabeth Arden Cream Ceremide makeup in Vanilla Shell

Anastasia brow wiz in Dark Brown

Black gel liner by Maybeline

Lashes are Smashbox full exposure mascara in Jet Black

This look was really fun to create. Usually at the end of the year Vee sometimes opens up being able to get the previous OTM’s if you didn’t snag one before. I literally lucked right out and managed to snag a 12 month slot!!



IMG_1913 IMG_1916

Glamourdolleyes!!! YAY!!! FOTD AND REVIEW!



Well hello there! I’m back again with another GlamourDollEyes FOTD and review!! I will be featuring four colours in this look as always and I will give you rundown on what I think they are (not what the site says kinda things) at the end there will be purchase link and all that wonderful stuff so that you can go and get these shades yourself (which you have to!! That’s an order!! ) On to a pretty picture heavy post well kinda. This review I did on the colours that I purchased.



Shaded Orchid, Lustrous, Victorian, Vulnerable

Shaded Orchid Lustrous Victorian Vulnerable

Shaded Orchid, Lustrous, Victorian, Vulnerable

Alright so those are the jars, open and closed. Aren’t they pretty??? Here’s the descriptions in my own words of these shades.

SHADED ORCHID:Is this deep purple with a tiny bit of metallic reflex when its foiled over the lid. Its a striking colour and works great in the crease for a lot of depth. Its super pigmented and creamy and is fast turning into one of my favorite colours.

Lustrous(FEBRUARY GWP SOLD OUT) :Is this super sparkly pink maroon colour. When it’s foiled its like a pink glitter bomb on the lid. I LOVE it! Seriously love it!

Victorian: This colour is odd to me. I want to say it is a pink. And then I want to say that it’s a purple, or maybe a maroon, or a fushia. Its one of them, or all of them in one. Its an amazing outer v colour and blends like a dream. I haven’t foiled this one yet so I’m not to sure what this one looks like foiled

Vulnerable: This colour is super pretty too. This one when foiled is like this rose gold colour, I used this as my high light, inner corner (foiled) and an all over the lid kinda thing (just to start) I love it. And when I run out I will be buying more.

Now on to the FOTD!



As you can see the pinks really make blue eyes pop!


eyes closed and flash to show sparkle


Alright so we have Vulnerable all over the lid and as a highlight and foiled in the inner corner. On the lid we have Lustrous foiled on the lid, in the crease we have Shaded orchid, and in the outer v and lower lash line we have Victorian.


Photo from my Instagram!

So there you have it! I purchased these product with my own money on a discount to bloggers. These opinions are just that my opinions and do not reflect the company in any way.

Affiliate link

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below.


GlamourDollEyes Facebook Page: ——->HERE!<——-


GlamourDollEyes FOTD and review #4

IMG_0705 (1)

GlamourDollEyes has provided a huge discount to bloggers to buy these shadows to review. I paid for these with my own money, and all opinions are straight from me and not the company.

What can I say? I love this brand! There are going to be soooo many reviews coming up from this brand its kinda overwhelming. Lets get on with it!! WARNING PICTURE HEAVY!


Malicious, Corrode, Vulnerable, Flawless

Malicious I want to say is like a purple shimmer with blue glitters in it. Its a really really pretty colour that I used for my crease and my outer V. It was super simple to work with, and this colour is so pigmented when you apply it wet. Its like BAM purple shimmer with glitter in it. When applied dry its not nearly as glittery.

Corrode is this beautiful green metallic with teal glitters in it. I applied this one wet and I was so hugely impressed with it. It went on super smooth and didn’t clump up at all, and the amount of product I had to use didn’t even leave a dent in my jar. If I was to run out of this colour, I would buy another one right away.

Vulnerable is this nude/gold shimmer that looks amazing on the inner corner or highlight. For the look I did though I used it ALL over my lid all the way up, just to have a base there. It blends with other colours super easily. Love this colour

Flawless is a pink shimmery colour that is also great for an inner corner or a highlight. I actually applied this colour on my cheeks and on my nose and a bit on my forehead as a highlight. It went on more then perfect and has become another staple in my routine. LOVE IT!


IMG_0805 (1)

GlamourDollEyes All over the eyes, and highlight points
Lips: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless

IMG_0789 (1)

In direct sunlight from my window
GlamourDollEyes All over the eyes, and highlight points
Lips: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless

1981431_10151920586222181_1787947189_o (1)

Indirect light Inside by window
GlamourDollEyes All over the eyes, and highlight points
Lips: Revlon Colorburst lacquer balm in Enticing
Man I’m pasty white

1982513_10151920699327181_1781318947_o (1)

Over all I am so satisfied with these shadows, and this brand. If you were ever to go with some indie eyeshadow/pigments/gloss/foil-me/ANYTHING you should so go with glamourdolleyes. If you interested in purchasing click the picture below (this is an affiliate link)

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below.


Glamourdolleyes FOTD and review #2!


So a while ago I went and bought myself a whole bunch of pigments from Glamour Doll Eyes. Now I have been using these pigments for a while now (over a month) and honestly I cannot wait to own more of these babies! They are so much fun to play with, now the look that I did for these 4 specific shadows well its over 3 weeks old. I went and took a bunch of pictures of the actual look, but when it got to the point of where the swatching was supposed to happen, I slacked off. Majorly. So now I have swatches! YAY ME!

The inspiration that I got from this look is from this picture:



Isn’t she just beautiful??? I love the way that her porcelain skin just makes her eyes and her lips just POP! Seriously in love with this look! So I tried to copy it as best as I could, and honestly I’m really happy with the results that I was able to do! I even did my nails too hehe! Alright on to the pictures of what I was able to accomplish!


This was the best picture I could get while showing the nails ^_^
Which is Zoya Posh BTW 🙂


Cellphone picture
LIPS are
EOS lip balm in sweetmint
MAC cyber (outside)
Glamour doll eyes Lovers Lane (all over)
Glamour doll eyes Her Revenge (center)


Close up of the eyes looking down
All over is cloud coverage and angel wings mixed together
in the crease is mushroom and then incognito blended really really well,
and then apply cloud coverage again just on the lid.
Add liner and mascara


Swatches Normal light


Swatches with flash


Finished Look!

Overall I think I did pretty good, I don’t look like her, and I didn’t have a professional take my photo for me, but I think the makeup speaks for itself.
This pigment was sooo easy to work with, its super smooth and milled just perfectly and it is sooo highly pigmented, a teeny tiny bit goes a really really long way! You should check them out and give them a try!! I know you will not be disappointed! You can purchase these products ——–> HERE!<———

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below.

Glamour Doll Eyes part 1 (Swatch, FOTD and Review)

IMG_04491Alright so in the mail last week I received 12 full size jars of different Glamour Doll Eyes pigments to swatch and review and create looks for. I received these pigments on a discount for giving my honest opinion on them. Now before we get started with this, I have to say that even though I got these pigments on a discount it does not effect my opinion on them what so ever. My reviews will also be split up into segments depending on the looks that I do with them. The first review and swatches will be for this look with these shadows in the next picture.


TOP LID Glamour Doll Eyes : cloud coverage, her revenge and just bitten, black gel liner and mascara

Now I have to say that these shadows go on very smooth, they aren’t chalky feeling at all and they have a very nice blending feel to them. I didn’t have any troubles applying them and when I did want to blend it out (or smoke it out depending on how you look at it). For the bright red (Her Revenge) I did use the foil method in order to get it so highly pigmented. Now in order to foil your pigments you need to take a wet brush with some form of mixing medium (I used MAC fix spray +) and then pat on your pigment on to your lid to get it so vibrant. I also used an eyeshadow base to keep it firmly in place. And for that I used Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer. For the Crease and outer V I used Just Bitten and for that shadow I used a fluffy blending brush with just a touch of dry product on it. To get the product I just shook up the container and when I removed the lid there was more then enough product in the lid alone to achieve the desired effect. Always start with a little bit of product as you are able to build it up if need be. For my highlight on my brow bone I used Cloud Coverage. Which is this really nice matte white. It goes on very smooth and not chalky at all and it just gives the perfect amount of opacity to provide that perfect matte highlight. And we all know how hard it is to find a proper white matte shadow.


LOWER LASH LINE: Glamour Doll Eyes: her revenge, just bitten, lovers lane, eyeliner and mascara.

Starting from the inner corner of the lower lash line I used Her Revenge (foiled) until about my pupil level or around half way, and then with the other half I used Just Bitten and Lovers Lane kinda mixed together to create a smokier effect to it. I tight lined and water lined with a black gel liner, and then also used a liquid matte liner for the wing. I also used a volumizing mascara.

Now on to swatches.



From left to right we have Cloud Coverage foiled and dry, Lovers Lane foiled and dry, Just Bitten foiled and dry, Her Revenge dry and foiled.
As you can see the colour pay off with these is absolutely amazing and if you get full jars you have enough product here to last years. Depending on how much you use them I’ll get maybe 6 months. If you click the names of the shadows here it will take you directly to the shadows to purchase them yourselves. If your interested in any of her other shadows if you click
——> HERE! <—— it will take you directly to her site also!

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below!