So I have another look for you today, I really wanted to use some of the more unique colours in my collection, and as I never use greens, I figured. Hey why not?? Not only that, but I wanted to use 2 of the shades from the Anti-Vday collection.

I used Fallen Angel and is described as a pale peach with an orange sheen, orange sparkle and a darkened grey undertone. They show up best when you pat them over your primer/base rather than swiping. I found this colour to be more yellow/gold ten peach to be honest. Its still a super pretty colour just not what it is described as.

Next I used Side Boob and is described as a swampy green with an orange sheen and a holographic pink sparkle. I found this colour to be a more forest green with a hint of mint in it. There is sparkle but I didn’t really see any orange sheen when I blended it out on my lids.

I have attached some pictures of the shades right here.

Fallen Angel on top

collage4Side boob down below



And now for the mug shots 😛

wpid-wp-1426087557173.jpeg wpid-wp-1426087552314.jpeg


Have a good night everyone!!!




OITNB Anti Valentines day collection

So I managed to snag all of the shadows for the anti valentines day collection from glamour doll eyes, the pigments that is. This collection will be restocked and I will be looking at getting the 2 cream shadows because well its glamour doll eyes and they are just like pokemon which means you gotta catch them all right??? Now a good chunk of these shadows sold out in seconds but I managed to get my hands on all of the loose pigments and the highlighter (1 pigment and highlighter I managed to snag during the restock).

Now what Vee said is that she will continue to restock these until she until the labels run out, which makes me super excited because that means that I might be able to snag the 2 cream shadows that I really want to try. I will also be posting the OTMs that I receive at the time that I get them, that being said I live in Canada so I get them a week to 2 weeks after everyone else gets theirs…. Stupid customs.

Down below I have attached some pictures of the colours that I actually have (all of the pigments plus the highlighter) I won’t be doing swatches though as for the next week I will be playing around with these and coming up with different looks!!

Alright so in that first picture, we have the full collection that I have in present (minus liners, blush and 2 cream shadows) The highlighter is featured at the bottom 🙂


Full collection (top) Dandelion Highlighter (bottom)

Second picture is *Snap* Fierce! it is described as a dusty lavender with a strong pink sheen and bright blue sparkle. This color is inspired by Sophia. Just click the names of the shadows to get to the site to buy them 🙂

*Snap* Fierce!

*Snap* Fierce!

Third Picture is Hall Monitor and it is described as a sky blue with a coppery red sheen and a green to gold sparkle. This color is inspired by Bennett.


Hall Monitor

Fourth Picture is Fallen Angel and is described as a pale peach with an orange sheen, orange sparkle and a darkened grey undertone. This color is inspired by Pennsatucky. The sparkle particles in this color are a bit bigger than our normal sparkles. They show up best when you pat them over your primer/base rather than swiping.


Fallen Angel

Fourth Picture is Lesbian Request Denied and is described as a dark gray base with a pink sheen, shimmer and shine. This color is inspired by Healy. 100% of the proceeds from this particular shade will be donated to the NOH8 Campaign. The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. Each eye shadow purchase will make a small difference!


Lesbian Request Denied

Fourth Picture is Pornstache and is described as dark brown base with a blue to silver sheen and a subtle red and copper shimmer. This color is inspired by Pornstache.



Fourth Picture is Side Boob and is described as a swampy green with an orange sheen and a holographic pink sparkle. This color is inspired by Caputo.


Side Boob

And last but not least and not actually a part of this **collection** per say is Expecting Trouble. Now this was the February gift with purchase and the only way you could it is if you spent $10 US not including shipping. This beautiful shade is described as a dark brown base with a dirty lavender overlay, blue to purple duochrome shift and lots of blue & purple sparkles.

Expecting Trouble

Expecting Trouble

Hope you enjoyed this post!!! I know I’m going to love playing with them! As always just click on the links that I provided or go to to make a purchase!

Love always


My indie polish brand and Launch PART ONE!

So in the month that I have been away I have been really busy testing and making nail polish. well actually about half a year testing and mixing polish. And this past month I finally have my ducks in order to be able to launch 2 collections . Each have 6 colors in them. I called it the Residents of Mt. Olympus. Down below you will find swatch pictures for each polish along with a description of them. So without further delay here is the Residents of Mt. Olympus Part 1  Hope you enjoy and you can check out my store ——->HERE!<——-


collage Descriptions:



Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, is represented by
this florescent pink with just a touch of holo to really make her sparkle.



Hermes The God of herds, travel, trade, heraldry, language,
athletics and thievery is represented by a white shimmery polish.



Athena The Goddess war, wisdom and the crafts is represented
in this metallic lilac linear holo polish.



Apollo the God of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing,
plague, music, poetry is represented in the bronze with a hint of rose gold metallic polish.



Artemis The Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals is
represented by a hunter green jelly polish with scattered holographic glitter.



Dionysus the God of the grape harvest, wine making and wine,
of ritual madness and ecstasy, is represented in the grape grey linear holographic polish

Eat Sleep Polish Spring SPOILER!!


Inside lighting No flash
Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
3coats of polish

So a very wonderful Indie polish maker, friend and woman, sent me these 2 very beautiful mini bottles of her up and coming spring polish line ( I’m so excited seriously)
I have for review today! Sidewalk Strider (concrete colour) and Grasshoppa! ( green with sparkle). These have AMAZING pigmentation to them! I got a fully opaque coverage in 2 coats but proceeded to add on a third just to see if I could get more out of it. Well I did get a bit more out of it! Just a bit more sparkle. This is fast turning into my favorite polish. I love the colour! OMG! Like look at that colour!!! ( I’m a fan of greys just never think of buying them)

Grasshoppa is this really cute easter egg green with pink and white glitter or sparkle to it. Coverage is REALLY good. Like really good, that there is only 2 coats of grasshoppa and it was fully opaque. It is also a super pretty polish and it really does remind me of Easter eggs.  On to some more pictures of these super lovely polishes. The next one is of both of them 2 coats.


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
2 coats of Polish
Inside light

Now Caterina’s Polish’s are

Hand blended with 3 free base. May contain mica, pigments & solvent resistant glitter. Polishes may slightly vary as they are hand made in small batches. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.  (*****Taken from website)

That is huge to me. the fact that they are 3 free, and hand blended and Vegan and Cruelty free to me is HUGE. Seriously huge. And I’m supporting a Home business! Its always so nice to see someone create such wonderful things from their own imagination from their HOME!


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (Accent)
3 coats
and freaking cold!


Close up shot of both polishes outside in direct sun

She has also just released her Alice in Polish land collection and you can buy those ————–>HERE!<—————–

Eat Sleep Polish Facebook can be found ———>HERE!!!<———-
Eat Sleep Polish Website to buy these amazing polishes ————->HERE!<————–

Go and check out this brand!! You won’t be disappointed!!