My indie polish brand and Launch PART ONE!

So in the month that I have been away I have been really busy testing and making nail polish. well actually about half a year testing and mixing polish. And this past month I finally have my ducks in order to be able to launch 2 collections . Each have 6 colors in them. I called it the Residents of Mt. Olympus. Down below you will find swatch pictures for each polish along with a description of them. So without further delay here is the Residents of Mt. Olympus Part 1  Hope you enjoy and you can check out my store ——->HERE!<——-


collage Descriptions:



Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, is represented by
this florescent pink with just a touch of holo to really make her sparkle.



Hermes The God of herds, travel, trade, heraldry, language,
athletics and thievery is represented by a white shimmery polish.



Athena The Goddess war, wisdom and the crafts is represented
in this metallic lilac linear holo polish.



Apollo the God of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing,
plague, music, poetry is represented in the bronze with a hint of rose gold metallic polish.



Artemis The Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals is
represented by a hunter green jelly polish with scattered holographic glitter.



Dionysus the God of the grape harvest, wine making and wine,
of ritual madness and ecstasy, is represented in the grape grey linear holographic polish


Sneak peeks coming within the next week or 2!!

Hi there!! Coming soon within the next week or 2 reviews of 3 different Manicures using ONLY Eat Sleep Polish (and my holo topper). A FOTD using only Glamour Doll Eyes shadows AND 4 book reviews!! I’m going to be busy this week! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the photos that I’m going to use!








The Wanderers Series Purchase links and Reviews!


Coming April 4th! Review AND Purchase links!!!

Face of the Day with pigments from Glamour Doll Eyes!!


Hope you enjoyed these little sneak peeks and hope you will come back and check out the reviews when they are posted!


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EatSleepPolish “April Showers, Bring May Flowers” SPRING COLLECTION REVIEW!!

“April Showers, Bring May Flowers” SPRING COLLECTION AVAILABLE NOW!

Hi there!! So this past week I received a lovely box in the mail! And in that box was the remaining spring collection (in mini’s) from Eat Sleep Polish!!! (I already had 2 of these beautiful polishes as a gift) Now what better thing for me to do this weekend but play with polish and grab swatches of EVERYTHING!! Woot!! I’m super excited. Now for the descriptions I’m going to give you what Caterina gave me in an email in bold and then my description of these polishes will be in regular text. On to these AMAZING polishes! PICTURE HEAVY!!


Sidewalk strider (Speckled Grey)
Grasshoppa (Green spinkles)
each 3 coats

  • Grasshoppa ( From the email from Eat Sleep Polish)

A light and airy green jelly filled with micro flakes, shimmer, pink & white glitter of various shapes and sizes. This is semi-sheer but can be layered, or worn over a base in a similar colour. Topcoat recommended to achieve a smooth finish. The inspiration behind this polish is itty bitty baby grasshoppers that start showing up in the fresh baby grass .

My Review of Grasshoppa. This polish reminds me directly of the grass in Manitoba. Which is strange. But really it does. It reminds me of when my kids go hunting for easter eggs and their baskets are filled with that fake green grass, and you get to see the little sprinkles of different colours in there. Its truly a beautiful polish. Now I didn’t do a whole mani of this polish because I just couldn’t bear to take off my favorite one Sidewalk Strider.. Which is featured in the same picture. I achieved full opaqueness in 2 thin coats.

  • Sidewalk Strider (From the email from Eat Sleep Polish)

A funky cement looking polish. 2-3 coats recommended. This grey based polish is jam packed with black, white, pink & glitter and scattered with tiny blue sparkles. A delicate amount of holographic particles make this a unique and fun polish to wear. The inspiration behind this polish is going for walks in the early days of spring, where bits and pieces of winter ‘junk’ can be seen hiding in the melting snow.

My Review of Sidewalk Strider. This polish is sheer perfection. Think speckled quail egg. I love it. I cannot get enough of it, and I’m so freaking happy that I have a full sized bottle of this baby. This polish has turned into one of my favorites, and seems to be a go to for me. It’s just jam packed with different glitters that gives it so much depth and dimension, its simply breath taking. I seriously love it. In the next picture you will see a close up of both polishes.


Sidewalk Strider (speckled grey)
Grasshoppa (speckled green)
each 3 coats

Up next we have Endless sky, Perfect Storm and Raspberry Mud Pie. Again the email descriptions will be in bold, where as my reviews (and they will be stated that they are mine) are in regular text.


Endless Sky (with flash)
2 thin coats

  • Endless Sky

A shimmery blue with a delicate violet undertone and a splash of scattered holo,  2-3 coats recommended. What would an ending winter be without a beautiful blue cloud free sky? This polish helps us to embrace the days to come where the sky is pure and endless.

My Review of Endless Sky. This polish is very very beautiful in the bottle. And its very beautiful on nails. I’m just having an issue with it on my nails. It to me doesn’t seem to be right for my skin tone .  Well that’s not exactly right. It is good for my skin tone, it’s just not a colour that I would grab for on a regular bases. This polish it does remind me of an endless sky, there there is no clouds in sight. If I was to look outside during the coldest day of the winter here in Manitoba I would see that colour sky, and I would know to not go outside (brrr)


Perfect Storm (No flash)
2 thin coats

  • Perfect Storm

A shimmery olive toned polish with a splash of scattered holo as well. 2-3 coats recommended. Spring is not spring without storms, and as the saying goes April Showers, Bring May Flowers 😉 This polish represents the calmness and serenity that even a storm can bring.

My Review of Perfect storm. This was another one of my favorites out of the collection. This one lasted on my fingers for a full 2 days (shocking I know!) It has that perfect amount of green to it to just make it sparkle and shine. Kind of reminds me of a foil. The only downfall to this polish though was that it stained my nails. Not badly, but they were stained none the less. Is that going to stop me from wearing this beautiful polish again. Oh hell no, that baby needs some love!!


Raspberry Mud Pie (flash)
2 thin coats

  • Raspberry Mud Pie

A cocoa coloured polish filled within beautiful raspberry shimmer, that truly glows from within. 2-3 coats recommended. This polish was actually named by a the wonderful blogger Courtney over at . The name is perfect as this is exactly how I envision this polish! Lets face it spring is muddy. However with soil and dirt come plants & flowers. There is always good to be found if you look hard enough 😉

My Review of Raspberry Mud Pie. This polish is just stunning. Seriously stunning. It’s a chocolate brown that just shimmers and shines with little red flecks and glitters in it. Its the perfect colour for my skin tone and has quickly won the second favorite of the bunch. When looking at this polish I actually get hungry. I imagine chocolate covered raspberries and just pop them into my mouth. Now if I did that with this polish I would probably die, so I will have to be content with it just being on my finger nails. HEHE

You can BUY Eat Sleep Polish ——->HERE!<——-

Eat Sleep Polish Facebook Page ——->HERE!<——-


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Nfu Oh 51 mani and review!

Nfu Oh 51 mani and review!

This beauty is called Nfu Oh 51. Isn’t she beautiful. I got her off of NAIL POLISH CANADA when it was on sale, and I’m kicking myself in the pants right now for not getting a second one. This polish is extreme. Its a purple jelly base with red and gold flakies in it that make it look almost fushia. When the light hits it just right it sparkles as you look at the flakies in the jelly sammich. To achieve this look I used 4 very thin coats and then HK girl top coat over top. This polish reminds me a lot of Cirque Coronation with the colour and the depth of it, even though the NFU OH 51 flakies are much larger then the particles in Cirque Coronation (No I don’t have that polish as I don’t want to lay down 50 bucks to get it)

Eat Sleep Polish Spring SPOILER!!


Inside lighting No flash
Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
3coats of polish

So a very wonderful Indie polish maker, friend and woman, sent me these 2 very beautiful mini bottles of her up and coming spring polish line ( I’m so excited seriously)
I have for review today! Sidewalk Strider (concrete colour) and Grasshoppa! ( green with sparkle). These have AMAZING pigmentation to them! I got a fully opaque coverage in 2 coats but proceeded to add on a third just to see if I could get more out of it. Well I did get a bit more out of it! Just a bit more sparkle. This is fast turning into my favorite polish. I love the colour! OMG! Like look at that colour!!! ( I’m a fan of greys just never think of buying them)

Grasshoppa is this really cute easter egg green with pink and white glitter or sparkle to it. Coverage is REALLY good. Like really good, that there is only 2 coats of grasshoppa and it was fully opaque. It is also a super pretty polish and it really does remind me of Easter eggs.  On to some more pictures of these super lovely polishes. The next one is of both of them 2 coats.


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
2 coats of Polish
Inside light

Now Caterina’s Polish’s are

Hand blended with 3 free base. May contain mica, pigments & solvent resistant glitter. Polishes may slightly vary as they are hand made in small batches. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.  (*****Taken from website)

That is huge to me. the fact that they are 3 free, and hand blended and Vegan and Cruelty free to me is HUGE. Seriously huge. And I’m supporting a Home business! Its always so nice to see someone create such wonderful things from their own imagination from their HOME!


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (Accent)
3 coats
and freaking cold!


Close up shot of both polishes outside in direct sun

She has also just released her Alice in Polish land collection and you can buy those ————–>HERE!<—————–

Eat Sleep Polish Facebook can be found ———>HERE!!!<———-
Eat Sleep Polish Website to buy these amazing polishes ————->HERE!<————–

Go and check out this brand!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Enchanted Polish Swatch and review!



Enchanted Polish over the holidays came out with 6 amazing shades, and I was lucky to be able to score 3 of them! This swatch and review is for Enchanted Polish Dime Piece and Enchanted Polish Presto Magic! So lets start it off by saying “GOOD LORD LOOK AT ALL THAT HOLO!” Like really. Do you see it! It’s like BAM!! Sooooo soooo sooo pretty! The formula is perfect, what you see here is 2 just two thin coats of polish and then a topcoat (for every finger but my ring finger) For the ring finger, I used some striping tape and did 2 thin coats of Presto Magic over top of Dime Piece and then removed the tape right away to get the candy cane effect. Now let’s get a better in-depth review going on here! This post will be picture heavy so be forewarned of all of the magical holo goodness!


No flash under a lap ^_^

Alright so here we have a bottle of Enchanted Polish Dime Piece, and as you can see the holo in here is amazing, it has a really pretty rainbow to it underneath the light. out of the light it’s just this perfect grey silver! The application was just a base coat, then 2 very thin coats of Dime Piece and then a top coat. If I had the option to buy this polish again, I would do so in an instant. It always goes on perfectly.



Here is a picture of my hand against my Christmas tree, holding an ornament. This picture was also taken without flash so you could see the beautiful colour this polish creates. Seriously breathtaking even against my Casper white skin. I think what I loved the most about this mani was that it went sooo sooo sooo well with my Christmas tree. It made me smile!

Enchanted Polish Presto Magic in my opinion is this perfect dark metallic blue. I didn’t know if I was going to like this polish when I bought it and was honestly thinking about swapping it as blue doesn’t usually go all that great with my skin tone. Something about blue in my head makes me think it just looks strange. This polish blew (haha see what I did there heh) my mind away. I don’t think I’m going to stray from blues anymore. This polish was also fully opaque in 2 coats and the holo in it is also beyond spectacular! I don’t think there is anything about this polish that I just don’t like.

striping tape

striping take for nail art candy cane

Now I know that most of you are probably wondering how I did my candy cane stripes. Well you see first off I put on a base coat, and then 2 coats of Dime Piece let that dry fully for 15 mins, and then I cut 4 pieces of my striping tape and following a YouTube video ( I’m sorry I don’t remember which one) I followed the directions. I placed 2 thin coats of Presto Magic on my ring finger and then RIGHT AWAY I started taking off the striping tape. I didn’t wait for it to dry, the end result was amazing. I let that dry fully and then I applied my topcoat.

There is so many different things that you can do with striping tape and I’m super excited to start playing with it more and more! So much FUN!!


finished product with flash

So that about sums up my review for both of this gorgeous polishes! This was my favorite mani for the end of the year!  I hope you enjoyed this post and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I look forward to reviewing more books and polish in the coming months!
Try you luck at the next restock for Enchanted Polish HERE!!!!

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I’m back! Review of Dream on and Kids!! ** Enchanted Polish **


Dream on and Kids
no flash warm light inside

Sooooooooo This is the polish that I have been the most excited about for the past 3 months (give or take). It is beyond stunning. This is Enchanted Polish Dream on and is an exclusive nail polish that was only given to Nail Polish Canada to distribute. Its perfect. Its my perfect colour. It’s what I call the perfect grape purple, just with enough depth and flicker to just make this something exceptional. Its amazing and I want another 5 bottles of it as back ups. I seriously love it that much. There is Nothing not perfect with this polish. It goes on amazingly smooth and I got it fully opaque in 2 thin coats. The holo in it is breathtaking and I find myself wanting to stare at my nails more and more and more. And the wear on this is pretty damn good too. Not a chip until a week after I put it on.

On my accent is Enchanted Polish Kids. Its a pretty duo shifter (hahaha I’m not good at terms) that slightly changes from blue to purple to pink with some pretty amazing holo in it too.  It also went on for me fully opaque in 2 coats. I mean seriously. Isn’t that pretty?! I love it.





Dream on and Kids


Against my pant leg

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company.

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Rainbow Honey the weapons (final installment)

DSC_3196  So earlier this month, I kinda showed you a sneak peek of what I was coming up with for a mani. I figured it was really cold outside, and things were starting to look christmasy so why not decorate my nails for the occasion (while I was waiting for my Enchanted polishes). I also when I was doing this mani, felt that she needed some sparkle!! So I added Rainbow Honeys Tidal Wave to the mix on my accent finger and it worked really well! Alright on to the review!


So on my hand I have Rainbow Honey’s Ruby Weapon, Zoya Giovanna and Rainbow Honey’s Tidal Wave. The review for Rainbow Honey’s Ruby Weapon: The formula like you would expect Rainbow Honey polishes. It’s really good, it doesn’t dry streaky the photo you see here is opaque in 2 coats. It’s a nice bright red with some orange and red sparkle to it. I just don’t like red. I don’t like the way that it looks on MY skin. While a beautiful polish, this will probably be the only time it graces my finger nails.

Zoya Giovanna: Zoya is one of my favorite drugstore brands ever, I have never had any issues with it streaking on me or patching or just not doing what it is supposed to be doing. I love this polish, the formula for me is perfect and the colour to me is outstanding!! It’s the perfect emerald colour to me.


Rainbow Honey Tidal Wave: this is a tealish glitter topper. It goes on nice and smooth and there was no fishing for the glitter. Removal was as always a pain in the butt but hey it’s a glitter topper what did you expect. Lasting wear I got a week out of this mani. I didn’t baby my hands either. Over all review of these polishes. I like them. The red may never grace MY fingers again, but it will grace the fingers of my beautiful daughters.

As always you can buy the Rainbow Honey polishes HERE! And you can find the Zoya polish HERE!

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