Holy crap its been a while!

Just wow. Never did I think that I would go so long without writing a blog post. But work, kids and life just got in the way. I would say sorry, but I’m not. Because it’s been fun!

So today this blog post is on a couple of photos that I have on my phone. I felt really hot that day so I thought I would share the love *snicker*.

On my face I have urban decay tease in the crease just to help my other shadow blend better. And on top of tease is GlamourDollEyes Outie3000. For my lid colours I have a plain cream coloured shadow out of a random pallet and it has no name (holy run on sentance batman). And on top of that is GlamourDollEyes glitter fix with you’re welcome patted on top to really bring out the sparkle. Kat von D liner, smashbox mascara and for the lips is cover girl entice. For foundation it’s Elizabeth Arden cream cerimide foundation in vanilla shell. Now for the pictures. Pardon the quality of them they are just plain old phone pictures.


Look at me getting all ready for work


Bam! All ready for work!!

Thanks for reading!


Sisterhood of the travelling polish

So I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago a very beautiful custom made polish from a very special lady (Cat) the owner of eat sleep polish. This polish was created for a group of amazing women and online friends and bloggers, Lord knows what I would do without them.

The idea came from oh my swatch, she organized the whole thing and I am so happy that she did. I will be linking all of their blogs and social media accounts so that you guys can follow them to if you like.

On to the polish! (please excuse the nubbins in advance)

The sisterhood of the traveling polish is a grape linear holo with a hint of purple and blue shimmer in it. It’s a very opaque polish and coverage is as easy as one coat, I like too use 2 though to get a good even look. This thing glitters as you put it on. On my nails it dries to a more matte finish but still holds some of that shine.


I will be adding more pictures to this but you get the idea. It’s stunning! I just wish I would last more then 2 hours on my nails it chips and flakes off no matter what I do. Stupid nail chemistry.


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So I have another look for you today, I really wanted to use some of the more unique colours in my collection, and as I never use greens, I figured. Hey why not?? Not only that, but I wanted to use 2 of the shades from the Anti-Vday collection.

I used Fallen Angel and is described as a pale peach with an orange sheen, orange sparkle and a darkened grey undertone. They show up best when you pat them over your primer/base rather than swiping. I found this colour to be more yellow/gold ten peach to be honest. Its still a super pretty colour just not what it is described as.

Next I used Side Boob and is described as a swampy green with an orange sheen and a holographic pink sparkle. I found this colour to be a more forest green with a hint of mint in it. There is sparkle but I didn’t really see any orange sheen when I blended it out on my lids.

I have attached some pictures of the shades right here.

Fallen Angel on top

collage4Side boob down below



And now for the mug shots 😛

wpid-wp-1426087557173.jpeg wpid-wp-1426087552314.jpeg


Have a good night everyone!!!



FOTD!! GDE look

So today is another work day! And I have decided that on the days that I actually have/want to do makeup on my face that I might as well take some picture!! This way I’ll actually get in some blogging time while getting ready for work LOL!! I mean why not right? Might as well do something that I love while getting ready to do something I love!! So for this look I decided to use GDE not to be truffled with which was the FEB OTM, that I know I said I was going to post about but life just got in the way.

So list of products I used in order to achieve this look

Not to be Truffled with (FEB OTM LE) in the crease and on the lower half of the lash line

Pinch of Pixie used dry on the lid and then You’re Welcome used with glitter fix, and then pinch of pixie again over the top of you’re welcome

Flawless as a highlight

Start a Rumor as a blush

And dandelion highlighter as a highlight on the face.

Also used for foundation was as always Elizabeth Arden Cream Ceremide makeup in Vanilla Shell

Anastasia brow wiz in Dark Brown

Black gel liner by Maybeline

Lashes are Smashbox full exposure mascara in Jet Black

This look was really fun to create. Usually at the end of the year Vee sometimes opens up being able to get the previous OTM’s if you didn’t snag one before. I literally lucked right out and managed to snag a 12 month slot!!



IMG_1913 IMG_1916

It’s an everyday kinda look kind of day…..

So here I have for you an everyday kind of look. Now my all time favorite colour happens to be URBAN DECAY Tease, its out of the naked 2 palette but you can also get it as a single. I use it almost every single day as a blending/crease colour. I find it is the perfect matte taupe colour that just suits my skin tone amazingly. That being said the only other shadows that I really use are the Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadows and lately I have been really really loving You’re Welcome, Prankster and pinch of pixie. They are just the perfect shimmery glittery shadows that suit my every day look. Down below I have inserted a look with Tease, You’re Welcome and GDE flawless as a highlight. Pair You’re Welcome with GDE Glitter fix and along with some very black lashes and a pretty cat eye liner is pretty much all I wear to work almost everyday. My foundation is Elizabeth Arden cream cereimide makeup in Vanilla Shell and you have my every day look. I might do blush but most of the time I don’t!



11026133_10152608572937181_1013339054953337239_n 11050726_10152608572747181_6815607506599278150_n 11057356_10152608572612181_6550113312812898229_n 14065_10152608573207181_7238319498856593139_n















This is also before I massacred my hair and took off a good 10 inches!!! The update picture for myself is right here!!

11058417_10152608573522181_5147163054140020616_nAs always click the highlighted colour links in order to get to the colours that I used!!!
Hope you enjoyed my post!!!


OITNB Anti Valentines day collection

So I managed to snag all of the shadows for the anti valentines day collection from glamour doll eyes, the pigments that is. This collection will be restocked and I will be looking at getting the 2 cream shadows because well its glamour doll eyes and they are just like pokemon which means you gotta catch them all right??? Now a good chunk of these shadows sold out in seconds but I managed to get my hands on all of the loose pigments and the highlighter (1 pigment and highlighter I managed to snag during the restock).

Now what Vee said is that she will continue to restock these until she until the labels run out, which makes me super excited because that means that I might be able to snag the 2 cream shadows that I really want to try. I will also be posting the OTMs that I receive at the time that I get them, that being said I live in Canada so I get them a week to 2 weeks after everyone else gets theirs…. Stupid customs.

Down below I have attached some pictures of the colours that I actually have (all of the pigments plus the highlighter) I won’t be doing swatches though as for the next week I will be playing around with these and coming up with different looks!!

Alright so in that first picture, we have the full collection that I have in present (minus liners, blush and 2 cream shadows) The highlighter is featured at the bottom 🙂


Full collection (top) Dandelion Highlighter (bottom)

Second picture is *Snap* Fierce! it is described as a dusty lavender with a strong pink sheen and bright blue sparkle. This color is inspired by Sophia. Just click the names of the shadows to get to the site to buy them 🙂

*Snap* Fierce!

*Snap* Fierce!

Third Picture is Hall Monitor and it is described as a sky blue with a coppery red sheen and a green to gold sparkle. This color is inspired by Bennett.


Hall Monitor

Fourth Picture is Fallen Angel and is described as a pale peach with an orange sheen, orange sparkle and a darkened grey undertone. This color is inspired by Pennsatucky. The sparkle particles in this color are a bit bigger than our normal sparkles. They show up best when you pat them over your primer/base rather than swiping.


Fallen Angel

Fourth Picture is Lesbian Request Denied and is described as a dark gray base with a pink sheen, shimmer and shine. This color is inspired by Healy. 100% of the proceeds from this particular shade will be donated to the NOH8 Campaign. The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. Each eye shadow purchase will make a small difference!


Lesbian Request Denied

Fourth Picture is Pornstache and is described as dark brown base with a blue to silver sheen and a subtle red and copper shimmer. This color is inspired by Pornstache.



Fourth Picture is Side Boob and is described as a swampy green with an orange sheen and a holographic pink sparkle. This color is inspired by Caputo.


Side Boob

And last but not least and not actually a part of this **collection** per say is Expecting Trouble. Now this was the February gift with purchase and the only way you could it is if you spent $10 US not including shipping. This beautiful shade is described as a dark brown base with a dirty lavender overlay, blue to purple duochrome shift and lots of blue & purple sparkles.

Expecting Trouble

Expecting Trouble

Hope you enjoyed this post!!! I know I’m going to love playing with them! As always just click on the links that I provided or go to http://glamourdolleyes.com/ to make a purchase!

Love always


NUDE SKINCARE haul, compare and review. AND Benefit Roller Lash review.

So I went into Winnipeg the other day with a friend of mine Polish Jinx, and we happened to hit up Sephora. Now she happens to be a Rouge for Sephora while little ol me is still just a beauty insider. So she managed to hook us up with some free makeovers…. Now my makeover while the artist did a great job on my eyes, my foundation was all wrong and started to oxidize and made me look like an oompa loompa within the hour and it was super itchy and burned. Now on to the good stuff!!!

While in Winnipeg I had a wee bit of a shopping list, I needed to replenish my skin care stuffs, so when I went into sephora the first thing i grabbed was the NUDE SKINCARE set which retails for around 110 dollars. It looks like this.

IMG_1841 IMG_1838

Now keep in mind that I have extremely dry sensitive skin, so finding any kind of skincare that doesn’t turn me into a tomato is a really good thing. The first nude set that I bought last year (that still has some of the wash and oil left) is pictured right here.

IMG_1851Now to compare the 2. In the first set I received the full sized oil face wash, half sized cellular renewal moisturizer, and pro omega oil, and as a gift from Sephora a serum from the same line. In the set that I just bought I received a FULL SIZED moisturizer ($110 already) half sized omega oil and HALF SIZED serum. So already I’m getting WAY WAY WAY WAY MORE then I paid for!!!

IMG_1858 IMG_1848 IMG_1846 IMG_1843

Now for the review. This stuff is amazing. It doesn’t make me break out, doesn’t bother my super sensitive skin, smells great I love love love it and will ever go without. Ever.


I have been wanting this the second I found out about it off of YOUTUBE. It claims that it will curl your lashes for you. Now I have only tried this ONCE. So I don’t really have a full opinion of it yet. But first impressions, the wand is super unique. The little wand has hooks on it that grip your lashes to give it a good amount of curl. No curler needed. The formula of the acual mascara is wetter then I like. And in my opinion is a pain in the ass to take off. Again I have only used this once so I need to use it a bit more to get a better opinion of it.

IMG_1864 IMG_1866IMG_1867

There are a few other things that I grabbed at Sehora also, a brow whiz pencil in dark brown and the light blue GLAMGLOW (that will be reviewed soon when I use it a couple more times)

Hope you enjoyed this post!! Sorry I haven’t been posting much just so super busy!!!

Much Love


On Wings of Darkness by Jolie Pethtel REVIEW


On Wings of Darkness

by Jolie Pethtel

What would happen if you were meant to die, but someone intervened? Your very existence would disrupt the natural balance, effecting everyone you touch for the remainder of your unnatural life. What if you met your soul mate? A man who was meant for you alone, but at the same time not because you should no longer exist? This is what happens to Adara James when she crosses paths with Journey Montgomery, a man unknowingly shadowed by darkness. This is no chance meeting between two human strangers, but a collision of souls whose continued proximity to one another has the potential to tear apart the world.


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review from lovers of paranormal.

This book was alright. Not good, not bad, just alright. There were parts that were really good! It made you want to keep reading it, and then there were parts where you just wanted to put the book down.
The characters I feel weren’t really developed all that well, they were just kinda thrown in there for the story. I really wanted to get to know them a bit better. The story line is a good one and I wish that she would have inserted more of it in the actual book so that it flowed better.

The ending sucked. Like really sucked. You know those kids books where your reading and its really good and then all of a sudden you see THE END. Yah that’s what I think of this ending.

Of all of the angel books that I have read this one is fairly close to the bottom. It was to quick, wasn’t developed enough, tons of grammatical errors and typos. But after you get through all of that still not a bad read.

To find this book on goodreads click ——->HERE!<——-
To buy this book on Amazon click ——->HERE!<——-

Brynn Myers mini book tour!

Brynn Myers is an urban fantasy/paranormal romance author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she finally turned her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. Using that love, she creates charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover.

Brynn lives with her family in the Brevard County, Florida area.

Brynn is the proud creator of the PROPHESIES OF THE NINE and JORJA GRAHAM series.

Keep up with Brynn online at her Website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on GoodReads.




A stunning paranormal romance mystery duet, the Jorja Graham series follows the life of Jorja and her quest for love, acceptance and peace.


















The Life and Death of Jorja Graham


Add to your GoodReads Shelf

Buy from Amazon / Amazon UK / B&N / iTunes / Kobo

All my life I’ve been referred to as the quintessential southern bell: blonde, stunningly beautiful, and overtly enchanting, but that was only the face I shared with the world; no one ever knew the hell I truly endured.

After returning to Savannah, I had everything I ever wanted: a new home, a handsome suitor, and the job of my dreams as an antique dealer. Little did I know that the choice to move on with my life would be the last decision I’d ever make.

My name is Jorja Graham and my story is proof that not every romance has a happy ending.
















The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham


Add to your GoodReads Shelf

Book #2 in the Jorja Graham series.

“Follow my echo and I will lead you to the still point at the center of it all.”

~ Jorja

–Full Blurb To Come…


Want a peek into The Life and Death of Jorja Graham? Take a peek at this.

…Sometimes first impressions aren’t all that they seem. 🙂


Time to move on, Jorja. I put the car in reverse and started to back out of the driveway but quickly applied the brakes as my cell phone started to ring.


“Ms. Graham?”

“Yes, may I help you?”

“Well, I certainly hope so. My name is Corbin Holbrook and I’ve been told you will be the person handling the Rhyland estate sale.”

My eyebrow arched as I pondered all the ways I was going to strangle my aunts for giving this man my cell phone number. I’d told them to stall him, not give him direct access to my personal number. “Yes, I will be handling the estate once I return to Savannah, which won’t be for a few more days.” I lied–– obviously.

“Well the date of your arrival is irrelevant to me; I do, however, want to start discussing the speed and efficiency to which you’ll be able to finalize this sale.”

“I’m sorry, what? Did you speak with my aunts? Did they not inform you that I wouldn’t be available right away?”

“They did, but I will need your immediate attention when it comes to this sale. Are you not able to handle this? Because if that’s the case, I’ll find someone who can.”

I pulled the phone away from my ear and stared at it like there was an alien on the other end of the line. Who did this jackass think he was? I shoved the car into park, seething with anger. Did I really need this job or should I just tell this arrogant ass where to go? Be nice or don’t be nice…the great debate had begun.

“Apparently I’ll need to find someone else then. If I’m able to render you speechless with a simple question, what will happen when I ask you something difficult?”


“Mr. Holbrook, you can attempt to find someone else but I can guarantee you that they will never be able to do the job I can. So you can either wait the next few days until I return home or you can indeed search for someone else. Either way, I will not be bullied into an assignment or unjustly questioned regarding my ability to do an effective job.” I grinned as I sat there, waiting for his response. That was as nice as I could muster under the circumstances.

Moments passed before I heard a gruff sound coming from the other end of the line. “You have three days and then I will be calling again. I do not appreciate your tone, but I can respect your conviction. I can only hope your talent is equivalent to the confidence you seem to have in your abilities. I cannot say it’s been pleasure, Ms. Graham, but I do look forward to expediting this acquisition.”

His voice was coated with disdain and something else I couldn’t put my finger on but I dismissed it as irrelevant. He was just another arrogant businessman who believed he could push people around to achieve his goals. I was done being pushed around though; today was a new day . I’d opted to take a page from my mother’s playbook when I responded , making sure my southern accent dripped ooey gooey sweetness.

“Well, I have no doubt, Mr. Holbrook, that you’ll be more than pleased with my work. You may even want to offer me a bonus for just how efficient I will be. I look forward to meeting with you soon. In the meantime , please feel free to contact the shop to set up an appointment and if you have any questions before then, I’m certain my aunts will be able to help you. Until then, Mr. Holbrook ,” I said with a slight smile.

“Until then, Ms. Graham.”

The line went dead seconds after he spoke my name. I gripped the steering wheel, wondering if I was a magnet for difficult people. This is a great gig. He doesn’t even live in the state. You can do this, Jorja… you can do this. My pep talk wasn’t really working, but I knew the moment I drove down the mile long drive to the Rhyland estate the trepidation I was feeling would fall to the wayside. My aunts were right , this was my dream assignment and I wasn’t about to let some egotistical jerk ruin it.

COPYRIGHT: Myers, Brynn. The Life & Death of Jorja Graham. Amber Leaf Publishing.

Jorja pics


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Hired Gun Cover reveal!


Hired Gun 1 – A.J. Bennett

Paranormal Romance Serial

Thorne Hollow is tall, dark and sexy as hell. And he knows it.

Cast out by the Gods thousands of years ago, he roams the earth working as an assassin for The Sicarii, a secret society that protects humans from all the things that go bump in the night.

Long ago, Thorne made the mistake of falling in love with a human, and her death stripped him bare. Destined to live a life of solitude. One night stands are his way of life—until he meets a mysterious woman whose intriguing power compels him to uncover more about her and the strange magic she wields.

Release Day: September 15th, 2014

Check out the Cover


Add to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1zR6yQs


Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1nPppFS

Barnes & Noble: 


About the Author

A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She’s addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she’s extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.


Website / Twitter / Facebook 


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