Holy crap its been a while!

Just wow. Never did I think that I would go so long without writing a blog post. But work, kids and life just got in the way. I would say sorry, but I’m not. Because it’s been fun!

So today this blog post is on a couple of photos that I have on my phone. I felt really hot that day so I thought I would share the love *snicker*.

On my face I have urban decay tease in the crease just to help my other shadow blend better. And on top of tease is GlamourDollEyes Outie3000. For my lid colours I have a plain cream coloured shadow out of a random pallet and it has no name (holy run on sentance batman). And on top of that is GlamourDollEyes glitter fix with you’re welcome patted on top to really bring out the sparkle. Kat von D liner, smashbox mascara and for the lips is cover girl entice. For foundation it’s Elizabeth Arden cream cerimide foundation in vanilla shell. Now for the pictures. Pardon the quality of them they are just plain old phone pictures.


Look at me getting all ready for work


Bam! All ready for work!!

Thanks for reading!