Sisterhood of the travelling polish

So I received in the mail a couple of weeks ago a very beautiful custom made polish from a very special lady (Cat) the owner of eat sleep polish. This polish was created for a group of amazing women and online friends and bloggers, Lord knows what I would do without them.

The idea came from oh my swatch, she organized the whole thing and I am so happy that she did. I will be linking all of their blogs and social media accounts so that you guys can follow them to if you like.

On to the polish! (please excuse the nubbins in advance)

The sisterhood of the traveling polish is a grape linear holo with a hint of purple and blue shimmer in it. It’s a very opaque polish and coverage is as easy as one coat, I like too use 2 though to get a good even look. This thing glitters as you put it on. On my nails it dries to a more matte finish but still holds some of that shine.


I will be adding more pictures to this but you get the idea. It’s stunning! I just wish I would last more then 2 hours on my nails it chips and flakes off no matter what I do. Stupid nail chemistry.


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