Glamourdolleyes!!! YAY!!! FOTD AND REVIEW!



Well hello there! I’m back again with another GlamourDollEyes FOTD and review!! I will be featuring four colours in this look as always and I will give you rundown on what I think they are (not what the site says kinda things) at the end there will be purchase link and all that wonderful stuff so that you can go and get these shades yourself (which you have to!! That’s an order!! ) On to a pretty picture heavy post well kinda. This review I did on the colours that I purchased.



Shaded Orchid, Lustrous, Victorian, Vulnerable

Shaded Orchid Lustrous Victorian Vulnerable

Shaded Orchid, Lustrous, Victorian, Vulnerable

Alright so those are the jars, open and closed. Aren’t they pretty??? Here’s the descriptions in my own words of these shades.

SHADED ORCHID:Is this deep purple with a tiny bit of metallic reflex when its foiled over the lid. Its a striking colour and works great in the crease for a lot of depth. Its super pigmented and creamy and is fast turning into one of my favorite colours.

Lustrous(FEBRUARY GWP SOLD OUT) :Is this super sparkly pink maroon colour. When it’s foiled its like a pink glitter bomb on the lid. I LOVE it! Seriously love it!

Victorian: This colour is odd to me. I want to say it is a pink. And then I want to say that it’s a purple, or maybe a maroon, or a fushia. Its one of them, or all of them in one. Its an amazing outer v colour and blends like a dream. I haven’t foiled this one yet so I’m not to sure what this one looks like foiled

Vulnerable: This colour is super pretty too. This one when foiled is like this rose gold colour, I used this as my high light, inner corner (foiled) and an all over the lid kinda thing (just to start) I love it. And when I run out I will be buying more.

Now on to the FOTD!



As you can see the pinks really make blue eyes pop!


eyes closed and flash to show sparkle


Alright so we have Vulnerable all over the lid and as a highlight and foiled in the inner corner. On the lid we have Lustrous foiled on the lid, in the crease we have Shaded orchid, and in the outer v and lower lash line we have Victorian.


Photo from my Instagram!

So there you have it! I purchased these product with my own money on a discount to bloggers. These opinions are just that my opinions and do not reflect the company in any way.

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Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below.


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