Eat Sleep Polish Spring SPOILER!!


Inside lighting No flash
Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
3coats of polish

So a very wonderful Indie polish maker, friend and woman, sent me these 2 very beautiful mini bottles of her up and coming spring polish line ( I’m so excited seriously)
I have for review today! Sidewalk Strider (concrete colour) and Grasshoppa! ( green with sparkle). These have AMAZING pigmentation to them! I got a fully opaque coverage in 2 coats but proceeded to add on a third just to see if I could get more out of it. Well I did get a bit more out of it! Just a bit more sparkle. This is fast turning into my favorite polish. I love the colour! OMG! Like look at that colour!!! ( I’m a fan of greys just never think of buying them)

Grasshoppa is this really cute easter egg green with pink and white glitter or sparkle to it. Coverage is REALLY good. Like really good, that there is only 2 coats of grasshoppa and it was fully opaque. It is also a super pretty polish and it really does remind me of Easter eggs.  On to some more pictures of these super lovely polishes. The next one is of both of them 2 coats.


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
2 coats of Polish
Inside light

Now Caterina’s Polish’s are

Hand blended with 3 free base. May contain mica, pigments & solvent resistant glitter. Polishes may slightly vary as they are hand made in small batches. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.  (*****Taken from website)

That is huge to me. the fact that they are 3 free, and hand blended and Vegan and Cruelty free to me is HUGE. Seriously huge. And I’m supporting a Home business! Its always so nice to see someone create such wonderful things from their own imagination from their HOME!


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (Accent)
3 coats
and freaking cold!


Close up shot of both polishes outside in direct sun

She has also just released her Alice in Polish land collection and you can buy those ————–>HERE!<—————–

Eat Sleep Polish Facebook can be found ———>HERE!!!<———-
Eat Sleep Polish Website to buy these amazing polishes ————->HERE!<————–

Go and check out this brand!! You won’t be disappointed!!


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