Dark Destiny Parts 1 and 2 ( A novel from Oscar Cavazos)


Cover for Part 1

I was given the ARC for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal (Goodreads book club CHECK THEM OUT THEY ARE AMAZING!! ———> HERE!<———)

Thank you for giving me this chance to read and review this book!

This book grabbed me at the first chapter, took me approximately 4 hours to read and I had a hard time putting it down and going to bed. I start part 2 today and I’m pretty excited about it! Its a pretty fast paced book about a boy who is turning into a grim reaper before he is supposed to. It’s actually kind of hard to describe. There’s a lot of loss in this book, there is death surrounding everything (what did you expect its about death and grim reapers lol). You get to watch some of the characters grow and evolve into something else. I only gave this book 3.5 stars though, it was a very short read. And quite honestly I expected just a bit more out of part 1. Not to just leave me hanging like that. The characters are really thought out in this book, you can actually hear what they are saying when you are reading this, its very well written.

To go to Dark Destiny Part 1 Goodreads click ———> HERE!<——–
To purchase off of Amazon click ———> HERE!<——–

Now on to part two!


Cover for Dark Destiny Part 2


I was given this ARC for an honest review from the Goodreads group Lovers of Paranormal and by the author. Even though this book was free these are still my honest opinions of it.


Part 2 of this book, how to explain this without giving to much information away? I gave this book an easy 4 stars. This was a very quick read again. Part of me wants to speak to the author so that he can smoosh all 3 parts of this “series” or “trilogy” into just one book. I really hate finishing a book when I’m into the story like that, and it just ending abruptly with nothing else to fall on. This was a good book though, it develops more into his version of purgatory, then one most people would have though of. It has a very SLEEPY HOLLOW (TV series) type feel to it in that aspect. It’s kinda nice. Characters in it, most are all of the same as from book 1 but are a little bit more developed, you get into them a bit more and you learn about them just a little bit more, this book is more about death as a character him self though.

I’m very interested to see what book 3 brings, and even though I have no idea when it comes out, it will be one that I will buy and review! (I really hope that its soon so that I’m not left to hang like this lol) As always SUPPORT YOUR INDIE AUTHORS! YOU NEVER KNOW THE MAJOR GEMS ARE THERE UNTIL YOU PICK THEM UP!

To get the summary of this book 2 click ——->HERE!<——-

Amazon purchase link ——-> HERE! <——-


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