Hidden Magic by Melanie Crouse


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. So here is my review.

I have given this book 3.25 stars. I cannot give it anymore then that. This book took me almost a full month and a half to read 300 pages of this book. It starts off sooo slow. It kinda drove me nuts a little bit. I almost just closed this book and never picked it up again. If you do read this push through it for a bit. It took me until I hit around chapter 7 before I actually wanted to continue reading it, before it was just kinda garbled.

The plot with this book isn’t that bad. There’s a love triangle and a damsel in distress, there’s the “evil doer” who really isn’t that evil, he’s just dealt with a shitty hand at life and is just trying to make the most out of it. The damsel in distress, well she’s kinda cute in that useless sort of way, and then you get to the hero of the story (only in the beginning though) and he’s made out to be this under emotional character that just has a bit of depth in him to keep everyone interested, especially the damsel.

The more you get into the story the more it sort of makes sense, the first few chapters like I said are really garbled and confusing, and SLOW!! Oh wow was it so slow to actually get into this story for me. I stuck through it though and I just finished it, and I’m honestly hoping that there is another one, another part to this series. I would love to see the adventures that she could come up with.

I want to thank the author Melanie Crouse, and Rachel Marks for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. As always all opinions are of my own and do not reflect the author or the publisher in any way.


To purchase this book you can buy it off of amazon ———–> HERE! <———————–

GOODREADS LINK  for Melanie Crouse ——————-> HERE!! <————————



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