The Guardians 1 and 2 by Jennifer Raygoza (REVIEW)


Before I get started I have to tell you that I thought really long and hard about posting this review, as it is pretty much nothing but negative. Which sucks. But I promised myself that I would give 100% honesty in my blogging so it is what it is. In no way what so ever, do my comments on my blog effect the other or her standpoints in her book. My opinions of this are just that MY opinions, and if you are interested in reading these books to see for your self the purchase links will be at the bottom of the page as always and her goodreads link will be there to! On to the reviews!

The Guardians (The Guardians, #1)
by Jennifer Raygoza (Goodreads Author)

I was given this book from lovers of paranormal (LOP) and the author is exchange for an honest review.

I’m sorry. I really am. This book only received 1.5 stars out of 5 due to the fact that it is extremely rushed, there is like no depth to the story at all, and you don’t really know the characters. I mean really? Run on sentences, horrible grammar and punctuation and there were spelling mistakes in there too. I seriously feel bad about reviewing this book. I hated the fact that the book would start to get interesting, and yes Amber read another sentence its going to get great soon, and then nope. BOMB! I’m going to read book 2 just because I did sign up for the ARC, and I seriously hope that the second book far surpasses the first book. I will go into it with an open mind and hope for the best.

Thanks for letting me read and review this, but seriously you probably shouldn’t have.

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The Revalation (The guardians part 2)

By Jennifer Raygoza

I was given this book from lovers of paranormal LOP for an honest review. Please note these are my opinions and do not reflect the author in anyway.

This book got a bump up from the last one to 2 stars, for the sheer fact that it went by fast. I don’t know if it was my tablet messing up or what, but every new chapter, the spelling was messed up. It really put a damper on things honestly. I think, that if you smooshed both books together, and elaborated on it a bit more, give your characters back story, this might of actually been a good book.

As it is, things were much to fast for my liking, characters are lacking and there is little to no description. And the ending, sigh. I really really hate endings like that.

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Eat Sleep Polish Spring SPOILER!!


Inside lighting No flash
Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
3coats of polish

So a very wonderful Indie polish maker, friend and woman, sent me these 2 very beautiful mini bottles of her up and coming spring polish line ( I’m so excited seriously)
I have for review today! Sidewalk Strider (concrete colour) and Grasshoppa! ( green with sparkle). These have AMAZING pigmentation to them! I got a fully opaque coverage in 2 coats but proceeded to add on a third just to see if I could get more out of it. Well I did get a bit more out of it! Just a bit more sparkle. This is fast turning into my favorite polish. I love the colour! OMG! Like look at that colour!!! ( I’m a fan of greys just never think of buying them)

Grasshoppa is this really cute easter egg green with pink and white glitter or sparkle to it. Coverage is REALLY good. Like really good, that there is only 2 coats of grasshoppa and it was fully opaque. It is also a super pretty polish and it really does remind me of Easter eggs.  On to some more pictures of these super lovely polishes. The next one is of both of them 2 coats.


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (accent)
2 coats of Polish
Inside light

Now Caterina’s Polish’s are

Hand blended with 3 free base. May contain mica, pigments & solvent resistant glitter. Polishes may slightly vary as they are hand made in small batches. Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.  (*****Taken from website)

That is huge to me. the fact that they are 3 free, and hand blended and Vegan and Cruelty free to me is HUGE. Seriously huge. And I’m supporting a Home business! Its always so nice to see someone create such wonderful things from their own imagination from their HOME!


Sidewalk Strider
Grasshoppa (Accent)
3 coats
and freaking cold!


Close up shot of both polishes outside in direct sun

She has also just released her Alice in Polish land collection and you can buy those ————–>HERE!<—————–

Eat Sleep Polish Facebook can be found ———>HERE!!!<———-
Eat Sleep Polish Website to buy these amazing polishes ————->HERE!<————–

Go and check out this brand!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Shadow’s Dangers by Cindy Mezni (REVIEW)


Goodreads book blurb can be found ————>HERE!<————

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Where do I start? This is the very first book in a very longtime that I have given 5 stars too. The characters are fantastic, the plot in this, is fantastic. The story just flows like a river, with nothing stopping it. I loved this book. I even loved the ending where you know for a fact that there is going to be a book two, but the best part about this book?? Was that I got emotionally invested in these characters. I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on book 2 ( seriously hurry up and write it! ) I can’t sing the praises enough for this novel/series. It was that good.

Thank you so much for allowing me to read this, it was a highlight in my week, I had to force myself to put it down, so that I didn’t digest it in just one sitting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Glamourdolleyes, swatch and review and FOTD!!!!! Part 3


Glamourdolleyes, swatch and review and FOTD!!!!! Part 3

So lets just face it. I’m in love with Glamourdolleyes. Yes that’s right. Move over other pigments, this mama has found her favorite brand. Period. I honestly don’t think I will ever go back. I mean who could give up super luxurious pigments that pack such a punch that they will last you forever?? They are so versatile and because Vee knows her stuff, she has it labeled on the bottom of the jar whether or not they are vegan/ non vegan lip and eye safe ect. And she has every colour of the rainbow plus some! There are mattes and shimmers, and glitters, and sheers and GAH just EVERYTHING! She is constantly coming out with different colours (I have another 13 on the way shhhhhh). And I vow that one day I will have them all. That’s right. I will have every single pigment that Glamourdolleyes comes out with because that is just how much I love them. Seriously check them out. I bought these pigments on discount as a blogger to review on my blog.

On to the swatches and the look! For the look that I did, I used Angel wings, Candy Floss, Stellar, All Nighter and Glam Girl I also used Benefit’s stay don’t stray primer and MAC fix+ spray for foiling.


Left side is foiled on all swatches with MAC fix+ spray
Right side is dry pigment applied with my finger
I have primer on the whole section of my arm

Now that you have seen the swatches in the previous picture lets speak about them a touch.

Angel Wings is a white pearl with a tiny bit of purple reflex it it, so that when the light catches it it really just glows.

Candy floss is this perfect pink, when foiled it gives it this metallic sheen to it that is just breath taking. This is one of my favorite colours and I find myself reaching for it more and more often.

Stellar is a blackened purple, it kind of reminds me of a bruise, but it is a staple in my collection due to the fact that I am constantly doing purple smokey eyes, or dramatic looks that are all about purple (it’s my favorite colour).

All Nighter is a blue toned purple, that when foiled pulls more blue to it, its super creamy and pigmented and a tiny bit goes a super long way. And last but certainly not least is,

Glam Girl. This one is my favorite shade of purple, its like this pinky purple shimmer that it just blends so nicely with Candy floss and  All Nighter ( just wait you’ll see. )



taken with flash


No flash


Finished look!


Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below.

To grab these pigments click on the banner and it will take you right to the glamourdolleyes website!

Awakening and Sacred by Samantha Long (review and purchase links)


I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review from lovers of paranormal (linked) and the author Samantha Long (linked)

So this book started off really strange. Everyone was just kinda thrown into a setting and just right into action, there wasn’t really that much an introduction. The first 3 chapters are kind of a haze to me. The story and the characters of this book are very well written, you can tell that the author has invested a lot of time and emotion into this book, and its very much appreciated. What I didn’t like about this book though was the ending. I really hate cliffhangers like that. I don’t just walk up to the ledge and jump and not know what happens afterwards, it really bugged me. Bugged me enough that I was very happy that I had the second book already ready to go 🙂

Thank you for this opportunity!! I thoroughly enjoyed your books!

To view the goodreads page for Awakening click ————-> HERE! <————-
To purchase Awakening for kindle click ———–> HERE!<————-



I was given this ebook for an honest review by lovers of paranormal (linked) and the author Samantha Long (linked).

I really enjoyed this book! It started off the first chapter reviewing what happened in book one in short form WHICH I LOVE BY THE WAY, and then just gets right down and continues the story line! This book I have to say though, was a little bit confusing, my head is still kinda muddled up because of it. This book almost seemed bi-polar in the way that it was written. There would be times when she started writing what seems to be a major part of the story, only to pull away literally right away! It kinda drove me a bit nuts. The ending of this book wasn’t nearly as bad as the first one though, no I’m going to jump off of this cliff see what happens in the next book… no she actually give a teeny tiny snit bit of information on the next book before she ends it, leaving the readers to be excited for the continuation of this series.

Overall a very good read and I can’t wait to read the next one whenever its released!

To go to the Goodreads page for Sacred Click ———->HERE!<————
Amazong purchase link for Sacred Click ————-> HERE!<—————


Dark Destiny Parts 1 and 2 ( A novel from Oscar Cavazos)


Cover for Part 1

I was given the ARC for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal (Goodreads book club CHECK THEM OUT THEY ARE AMAZING!! ———> HERE!<———)

Thank you for giving me this chance to read and review this book!

This book grabbed me at the first chapter, took me approximately 4 hours to read and I had a hard time putting it down and going to bed. I start part 2 today and I’m pretty excited about it! Its a pretty fast paced book about a boy who is turning into a grim reaper before he is supposed to. It’s actually kind of hard to describe. There’s a lot of loss in this book, there is death surrounding everything (what did you expect its about death and grim reapers lol). You get to watch some of the characters grow and evolve into something else. I only gave this book 3.5 stars though, it was a very short read. And quite honestly I expected just a bit more out of part 1. Not to just leave me hanging like that. The characters are really thought out in this book, you can actually hear what they are saying when you are reading this, its very well written.

To go to Dark Destiny Part 1 Goodreads click ———> HERE!<——–
To purchase off of Amazon click ———> HERE!<——–

Now on to part two!


Cover for Dark Destiny Part 2


I was given this ARC for an honest review from the Goodreads group Lovers of Paranormal and by the author. Even though this book was free these are still my honest opinions of it.


Part 2 of this book, how to explain this without giving to much information away? I gave this book an easy 4 stars. This was a very quick read again. Part of me wants to speak to the author so that he can smoosh all 3 parts of this “series” or “trilogy” into just one book. I really hate finishing a book when I’m into the story like that, and it just ending abruptly with nothing else to fall on. This was a good book though, it develops more into his version of purgatory, then one most people would have though of. It has a very SLEEPY HOLLOW (TV series) type feel to it in that aspect. It’s kinda nice. Characters in it, most are all of the same as from book 1 but are a little bit more developed, you get into them a bit more and you learn about them just a little bit more, this book is more about death as a character him self though.

I’m very interested to see what book 3 brings, and even though I have no idea when it comes out, it will be one that I will buy and review! (I really hope that its soon so that I’m not left to hang like this lol) As always SUPPORT YOUR INDIE AUTHORS! YOU NEVER KNOW THE MAJOR GEMS ARE THERE UNTIL YOU PICK THEM UP!

To get the summary of this book 2 click ——->HERE!<——-

Amazon purchase link ——-> HERE! <——-

Hidden Magic by Melanie Crouse


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. So here is my review.

I have given this book 3.25 stars. I cannot give it anymore then that. This book took me almost a full month and a half to read 300 pages of this book. It starts off sooo slow. It kinda drove me nuts a little bit. I almost just closed this book and never picked it up again. If you do read this push through it for a bit. It took me until I hit around chapter 7 before I actually wanted to continue reading it, before it was just kinda garbled.

The plot with this book isn’t that bad. There’s a love triangle and a damsel in distress, there’s the “evil doer” who really isn’t that evil, he’s just dealt with a shitty hand at life and is just trying to make the most out of it. The damsel in distress, well she’s kinda cute in that useless sort of way, and then you get to the hero of the story (only in the beginning though) and he’s made out to be this under emotional character that just has a bit of depth in him to keep everyone interested, especially the damsel.

The more you get into the story the more it sort of makes sense, the first few chapters like I said are really garbled and confusing, and SLOW!! Oh wow was it so slow to actually get into this story for me. I stuck through it though and I just finished it, and I’m honestly hoping that there is another one, another part to this series. I would love to see the adventures that she could come up with.

I want to thank the author Melanie Crouse, and Rachel Marks for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. As always all opinions are of my own and do not reflect the author or the publisher in any way.


To purchase this book you can buy it off of amazon ———–> HERE! <———————–

GOODREADS LINK  for Melanie Crouse ——————-> HERE!! <————————


Glamourdolleyes FOTD and review #2!


So a while ago I went and bought myself a whole bunch of pigments from Glamour Doll Eyes. Now I have been using these pigments for a while now (over a month) and honestly I cannot wait to own more of these babies! They are so much fun to play with, now the look that I did for these 4 specific shadows well its over 3 weeks old. I went and took a bunch of pictures of the actual look, but when it got to the point of where the swatching was supposed to happen, I slacked off. Majorly. So now I have swatches! YAY ME!

The inspiration that I got from this look is from this picture:



Isn’t she just beautiful??? I love the way that her porcelain skin just makes her eyes and her lips just POP! Seriously in love with this look! So I tried to copy it as best as I could, and honestly I’m really happy with the results that I was able to do! I even did my nails too hehe! Alright on to the pictures of what I was able to accomplish!


This was the best picture I could get while showing the nails ^_^
Which is Zoya Posh BTW 🙂


Cellphone picture
LIPS are
EOS lip balm in sweetmint
MAC cyber (outside)
Glamour doll eyes Lovers Lane (all over)
Glamour doll eyes Her Revenge (center)


Close up of the eyes looking down
All over is cloud coverage and angel wings mixed together
in the crease is mushroom and then incognito blended really really well,
and then apply cloud coverage again just on the lid.
Add liner and mascara


Swatches Normal light


Swatches with flash


Finished Look!

Overall I think I did pretty good, I don’t look like her, and I didn’t have a professional take my photo for me, but I think the makeup speaks for itself.
This pigment was sooo easy to work with, its super smooth and milled just perfectly and it is sooo highly pigmented, a teeny tiny bit goes a really really long way! You should check them out and give them a try!! I know you will not be disappointed! You can purchase these products ——–> HERE!<———

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below.