Hidden Magic Release day BLITZ!! (Review to come in the next week!)

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When Jenny has the opportunity to spend the summer with her sister, a small slice of freedom is all she’s really hoping for when she has the opportunity to spend the summer with her sister. Instead she finds something else altogether: electricity.

That’s what Jenny feels when she looks at Arram. She knows he’s drawn to her too, but the mage-in-training does his best to hide it.

Stung, Jenny turns to Arram’s former best friend, Jack. But Arram and Jack’s rivalry is much darker than Jenny suspects, and so are Jack’s intentions. Soon she’s caught in a mystery of old murder, ancient prophecies, and magic hidden where no one has thought to look.

When Jenny uncovers a secret magic, she is offered two choices. Arram wants her to do the safe thing. Jack wants to show her the easy way out. Whatever Jenny decides, her life will irrevocably change.

Either way, freedom may be the one thing Jenny can never have.


Jack put his finger to his lips and motioned toward an empty bedroom across the hall. Not knowing what else to do, she went in, her heart thudding against her ribs. “Jack,” she whispered. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“What? No welcome home kiss?” His voice was mocking.

Trying to keep her voice steady, she said, “So Arram was right. You do want to kidnap me after all.”

“Kidnap you?” Jack looked horrified. Underneath the horror though, Jenny could see that his eyes were sparkling with mischief. “I should have known Arram would fill your head with something stupid like that. No, you wonderful, impossible girl, I’m here to rescue you.”

About Melanie Crouse

Melanie Crouse is the author of Hidden Magic,  coauthor of the book Alchemy and the CEO of the craziest household in the Western Hemisphere. Lately, both of those full-time jobs have collided, creating chaos on a colossal scale. Which is just the way she likes it.

In her spare time, Melanie likes to play the piano, swim, hike and teach preschool. Whether she has spare time or not, she manages to read prolifically, which probably explains more than it doesn’t.

She loves her family dearly, and wishes with all her heart that her teenage children weren’t so embarrassed that their mom writes “kissing scenes.”

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Glamour Doll Eyes part 1 (Swatch, FOTD and Review)

IMG_04491Alright so in the mail last week I received 12 full size jars of different Glamour Doll Eyes pigments to swatch and review and create looks for. I received these pigments on a discount for giving my honest opinion on them. Now before we get started with this, I have to say that even though I got these pigments on a discount it does not effect my opinion on them what so ever. My reviews will also be split up into segments depending on the looks that I do with them. The first review and swatches will be for this look with these shadows in the next picture.


TOP LID Glamour Doll Eyes : cloud coverage, her revenge and just bitten, black gel liner and mascara

Now I have to say that these shadows go on very smooth, they aren’t chalky feeling at all and they have a very nice blending feel to them. I didn’t have any troubles applying them and when I did want to blend it out (or smoke it out depending on how you look at it). For the bright red (Her Revenge) I did use the foil method in order to get it so highly pigmented. Now in order to foil your pigments you need to take a wet brush with some form of mixing medium (I used MAC fix spray +) and then pat on your pigment on to your lid to get it so vibrant. I also used an eyeshadow base to keep it firmly in place. And for that I used Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer. For the Crease and outer V I used Just Bitten and for that shadow I used a fluffy blending brush with just a touch of dry product on it. To get the product I just shook up the container and when I removed the lid there was more then enough product in the lid alone to achieve the desired effect. Always start with a little bit of product as you are able to build it up if need be. For my highlight on my brow bone I used Cloud Coverage. Which is this really nice matte white. It goes on very smooth and not chalky at all and it just gives the perfect amount of opacity to provide that perfect matte highlight. And we all know how hard it is to find a proper white matte shadow.


LOWER LASH LINE: Glamour Doll Eyes: her revenge, just bitten, lovers lane, eyeliner and mascara.

Starting from the inner corner of the lower lash line I used Her Revenge (foiled) until about my pupil level or around half way, and then with the other half I used Just Bitten and Lovers Lane kinda mixed together to create a smokier effect to it. I tight lined and water lined with a black gel liner, and then also used a liquid matte liner for the wing. I also used a volumizing mascara.

Now on to swatches.



From left to right we have Cloud Coverage foiled and dry, Lovers Lane foiled and dry, Just Bitten foiled and dry, Her Revenge dry and foiled.
As you can see the colour pay off with these is absolutely amazing and if you get full jars you have enough product here to last years. Depending on how much you use them I’ll get maybe 6 months. If you click the names of the shadows here it will take you directly to the shadows to purchase them yourselves. If your interested in any of her other shadows if you click
——> HERE! <—— it will take you directly to her site also!

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Enchanted Polish Swatch and review!



Enchanted Polish over the holidays came out with 6 amazing shades, and I was lucky to be able to score 3 of them! This swatch and review is for Enchanted Polish Dime Piece and Enchanted Polish Presto Magic! So lets start it off by saying “GOOD LORD LOOK AT ALL THAT HOLO!” Like really. Do you see it! It’s like BAM!! Sooooo soooo sooo pretty! The formula is perfect, what you see here is 2 just two thin coats of polish and then a topcoat (for every finger but my ring finger) For the ring finger, I used some striping tape and did 2 thin coats of Presto Magic over top of Dime Piece and then removed the tape right away to get the candy cane effect. Now let’s get a better in-depth review going on here! This post will be picture heavy so be forewarned of all of the magical holo goodness!


No flash under a lap ^_^

Alright so here we have a bottle of Enchanted Polish Dime Piece, and as you can see the holo in here is amazing, it has a really pretty rainbow to it underneath the light. out of the light it’s just this perfect grey silver! The application was just a base coat, then 2 very thin coats of Dime Piece and then a top coat. If I had the option to buy this polish again, I would do so in an instant. It always goes on perfectly.



Here is a picture of my hand against my Christmas tree, holding an ornament. This picture was also taken without flash so you could see the beautiful colour this polish creates. Seriously breathtaking even against my Casper white skin. I think what I loved the most about this mani was that it went sooo sooo sooo well with my Christmas tree. It made me smile!

Enchanted Polish Presto Magic in my opinion is this perfect dark metallic blue. I didn’t know if I was going to like this polish when I bought it and was honestly thinking about swapping it as blue doesn’t usually go all that great with my skin tone. Something about blue in my head makes me think it just looks strange. This polish blew (haha see what I did there heh) my mind away. I don’t think I’m going to stray from blues anymore. This polish was also fully opaque in 2 coats and the holo in it is also beyond spectacular! I don’t think there is anything about this polish that I just don’t like.

striping tape

striping take for nail art candy cane

Now I know that most of you are probably wondering how I did my candy cane stripes. Well you see first off I put on a base coat, and then 2 coats of Dime Piece let that dry fully for 15 mins, and then I cut 4 pieces of my striping tape and following a YouTube video ( I’m sorry I don’t remember which one) I followed the directions. I placed 2 thin coats of Presto Magic on my ring finger and then RIGHT AWAY I started taking off the striping tape. I didn’t wait for it to dry, the end result was amazing. I let that dry fully and then I applied my topcoat.

There is so many different things that you can do with striping tape and I’m super excited to start playing with it more and more! So much FUN!!


finished product with flash

So that about sums up my review for both of this gorgeous polishes! This was my favorite mani for the end of the year!  I hope you enjoyed this post and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I look forward to reviewing more books and polish in the coming months!
Try you luck at the next restock for Enchanted Polish HERE!!!!

Disclaimer: Unless stated, all products were purchased by me. All opinions are my own personal ones, not “bought” by a company. To get in touch with me about promoting your items on my blog through giveaways or reviews use the contact me form below!