Rainbow Honey Sapphire Weapon and Emily De Molly Dark Depths

DSC_3278[1] So this is the combo that I did today. It is just so pretty. Sapphire weapon is a sapphire blue that has little silvery blue flecks in it, that are just so small but it gives it just enough shimmer. And Emily De Molly Dark Depths is a Dark sapphire blue jelly with chunks of blue and aqua glitter in it. Both of these polishes for application are PERFECT. Goes on nice and smooth and fully opaque in 2 coats. The Sapphire Weapon does stain though, so please make sure that you wear a base coat. You can buy the weapons collection HERE! And for the Emily De Molly, keep your eye on Nail Polish Canada as they tend to do restocks, and that website is HERE!



No flash and daylight


No flash and daylight


Flash and night time

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