Enchanted Nail Polish Castle on a Cloud and OPI Ink


My wonderful Sunday afternoon

Isn’t this the most beautiful combination ever? I love enchanted polish, I love the way it looks, I love the way it goes on. I love the fact that different lighting shows different things in it. What I don’t love about it… The price tag. If you can’t get one of these babies off of a restock (that usually sells out in seconds). Your looking at going on one of the swap shops or going through eBay to pick up some of these babies, and that can be sooo expensive.. like upwards of $35 a bottle. I have seen some Enchanted Polish (the LE’s) go for must more then that though. Is it worth the headache in trying to get some of these.. to me YES! YES YES YES YES YES! SOOO WORTH THE HEADACHE!!! WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!

I have been extremely fortunate to know some amazing beautiful women that have help supply my addiction by selling me some of these beautiful polishes for retail cost (which is so unheard of in the nail polish world). And today because I happen to be Canadian, I got to hit up Nail Polish Canada and grabbed 6 (that’s right count them) six bottles of enchanted polish! I’M SO EXCITED!! Alright on to some pictures.. My “undies” today is OPI INK. Beautiful stunning colour.. hate the way it went on.

with flash (sort of)

with flash (sort of)

No Flash

No Flash


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One thought on “Enchanted Nail Polish Castle on a Cloud and OPI Ink

  1. GORGEOUS! I bought 4 on Nail Polish Canada this morning, and I would’ve bought more (like ‘Kids’ and ‘Time to Pretend’) but they went in the first several minutes of the release! I did manage to snag a couple of these topcoat effects – which I am really excited about because I can make them work with my regular polish and get more use out of them! I am sooooo excited to receive them!!!

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