Sheer Mani Perfection


Without Flash Natural Light

So I know that I haven’t been around for a while, I was taking a break from painting my nails so that I could heal them a bit (they have been splitting and peeling and just not doing well) This is the first mani that I have done in over a week! Starting next week I am going to continue the review of Rainbow Honey’s Part 3 series, with Ruby weapon! On to this weeks mani!!

Could there be anything right now, prettier then this? I am just BLOWN AWAY by the holo in both the Emily De Molly On Edge and the Enchanted Polish Vampires suck. Both are just so freaking beautiful and just go soooooo well together don’t you think???


With Flash

On edge is more of a blue grey tone with rainbow linear holo in it, and Vampires suck is a dried blood, dark copper brown colour with again a linear holo. Both polishes were applied with 2 coats, no base coat and NO topcoat. This is just the polish as it is.

Disclaimer:  All polishes were purchased by myself from my own money.


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