Emerald Weapon with Diamond Weapon


Emerald Weapon with Diamond Weapon on accent finger

 So this polish is part of Rainbow Honey’s Final Battle Collection Part 3.
It is breathtaking. It goes on sooo smooth, and just has that perfect amount of shimmer to it to catch the light. I achieved this look with just 2 fairly thin coats. What I did find with this polish though is that if you don’t seal it with a top coat, it chips like crazy, which to me is alright because hey, I have a lot of polish that I want to play with and get out of my untrieds listing. The next time I do this combination though, I will be topping it with a top coat (that’s the mommy brain though sometimes you just forget)

I am so pleased with this entire set. I mean seriously who wouldn’t be pleased with this shimmery, shiny, sparkly goodness. I wish I upgraded and got the full sized polishes quite honestly! The mini’s I think I will be using until the very last drop.



All Polishes were purchased by myself and reviews that I have posted are of my own opinion. 


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