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The Prophecy (Book 3) by Wendy Owens



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Five years have passed since Gabe abandoned Rampart, deserting his destiny and closest friends. The struggles Gabe has endured to stay alive have changed him, hardening him into a man unwilling to trust anyone or anything, dealing with difficulties connecting with the outside world.Gabe has finally found a certain paradise–a peace in solitude–until a familiar stranger shows up on his doorstep, pleading for Gabe’s help. Now he has to decide if he is truly content in his new life, or if he is willing to risk his solitary happiness for a little piece of the world he left behind. Should he choose to accept the most important duty of his life, one failure could mark the beginning of the end for all mankind.

“I always loved the smell of rain. Even as a kid, I was never sad when it would rain. My friends always complained because it meant they couldn’t play outside. You would find me curled up on the box seat, the window cracked, a blanket across my lap, and a book in my hands. My aunt always said I had an old soul, just like her.”

“You were close to your aunt?” Gabe asked.

“Oh very. She took my brother and I in after my mom died,” Rachel explained.

Gabe shuddered at the familiar story. Almost all of the students he met at Rampart shared the theme of a parentless upbringing. Many of those parents had been torn away in violent scenarios, including his own. “I’m so sorry about your mom.”

“Don’t be. The cancer took years. In the end we were glad it was finally over. My dad didn’t stick around long after my brother was born. Once mom got sick my aunt moved right in. I guess it just became our normal. We went to live at her house once my mom did pass away. It just seemed natural, living with her. She made us feel like we had a home and like we were wanted,” Rachel continued with her story.

“Your aunt sounds pretty amazing,” Gabe added.

“Oh she is. I want you to meet her one day,” Rachel said. The idea of meeting her family made Gabe blush, though he didn’t know why.

“Does your brother still live with her?” Gabe asked.

Rachel hesitated, looking back out the front door to the rainy night. “I’m not sure. He was getting ready to head off to college when I left with Uri. I haven’t spoken to them since that night, so I don’t really know what happened.

Gabe could hear the sadness in her voice. When Uri had found him he was leaving nothing behind. Gabe had no friends or family of any kind. He never imagined how hard it would be for someone to leave when they had something to stay for. “I’m sorry this happened to you.”

“What? Don’t be silly. You all are protecting me, I’m grateful,” Rachel replied. Without hesitation she dashed out the front door, squealing as the cool rain fell on her face.

Surprised by Rachel’s sudden sprint into action, Gabe leaned forward and pulled himself to the open doorway. Midway into the clearing in front of the cabin Rachel danced. Spinning in a circle, her face and palms turned upwards, she was basking in the moonlight and embracing the rain drops. Rachel’s tongue slipped out, mouth open, lapping up the water as it fell.

“Hey, crazy woman, what are you doing?” Gabe called out.

“It’s refreshing, you should join me.”

“Yeah, no thanks, I think I will stay in here where it’s dry and warm,” Gabe replied.

“Oh come on, you big wuss, live a little,” Rachel goaded, not shifting her gaze from the heavens. “It’s beautiful! The moon, the stars. All of it.”

Using the door handle, Gabe pulled himself to a standing position with a groan. “How is it you always do that?”

“Do what?” Rachel asked, glancing at him for a brief moment.

“You look at everything with such a positive attitude. It’s pouring rain out there and you’re talking about how beautiful it is. I wish I had been born with that ability. I can move mountains, but I can’t find the silver lining in things,” Gabe grimaced stepping onto the porch, careful to stay under the shelter of the roof.

Rachel stopped spinning and looked at Gabe intensely.

“What? Is it something I said?” Gabe asked, glancing over his shoulder and acting confused.

Rachel didn’t say a word; she calmly walked up to face him. Silently they stared at each other for a moment. She leaned in and planted a wet and gentle kiss on his cheek. “Gabe, it’s not something you’re born with. If you want to be happy, then be happy. You only need to make the choice to let go of your sadness.”

With that, Rachel walked past Gabe and back into the cabin, the rain water dripping from her drenched clothes that now clung to her curves, leaving very little to Gabe’s imagination.

Gabe realized he was standing there alone, with a goofy smile on his face. Limping inside, he closed the door behind him, her words still lingering in his mind. Gabe wanted more than anything to be able to choose happiness. He wanted a rain storm to make him smile. He desired that the simple task of cooking would make him dance. To Gabe, however, it didn’t seem as simple as just making a choice. He hoped her joy was contagious, because he was in uncharted territories


Author Bio:

Wendy Owens was raised in the small college town of Oxford, Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went on to a career in the visual arts. After several years of creating and selling her own artwork, she gave her first love, writing, a try.

Since 2011, she has published a young adult paranormal series, The Guardians, which will contain five books total, as well as a novella.

Wendy now happily spends her days writing—her loving dachshund, Piper, curled up at her feet. When she’s not writing, she can be found spending time with her tech geek husband and their three amazing kids, exploring the city she loves to call home: Cincinnati, OH.

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